Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions.

Serving the needs of students struggling with their academic writing tasks is our passion rather than a business. In order for us to keep things smooth and transparent we hereby explain the general terms and conditions of the services and every student who orders with us will be considered to have accepted these terms. It is recommended to read these before placing an order with us so that you know what norms and conditions are we bound by.

  • The action of order placement is an endorsement of agreement with our terms and conditions of services andwe declare that customassignmentservices.com operates in the most legitimate way and fully adheres the international code of online operations. We fully condemn all types of plagiarism and criminal offences online.
  • Under the following circumstances we cannot be held responsible for missing a deadline;
    1. i. The writer’s messages are not responded actively.
    2. ii. Supporting files necessary for writing your paper are unavailable.
    3. iii. In case the payment has not been made or it was paid with a delay
  • We can be held responsible for missing the deadline under these circumstances only;
    1. i. You provided everything in time but our writer in spite of that missed your deadline.
    2. ii. Our expert failed to communicate with you properly.
    3. iii. Any technical related problem stopped you from responding to us.
  • An A grade is secured with the help of different factors along with the quality writing and thus we cannot guarantee it because only the factor of quality writing is in our hand not others. We are bound to follow the instructions of a student only and thus we should be judged according to that. A student himself may not know about the college or university guidelines and thus this may lead us to generate a paper inefficient in the college or university while we were liable to produce a paper as per the student’s instructions only. This is the reason why we only promise to provide a paper fulfilling the instructions of the students.

What is a free revision?

Any instruction or part of it not followed or incorporated in the paper will be immediately revised upon notification. If you mention a point that you had included in the initial order description but our writer missed it and somehow excluded it from the paper we will be bound to revise the paper without charging you any fee. This is known to be a complimentary free revision services.

In case the supervisor’s comments or remarks depict that you missed to include something in the initial order description or the changes required are contrary or additional to the initial order description the revision will not be a free service and we shall charge you additional amount for that.

The refund conditions.

  • You have a time of 3 days after the final delivery to ask for a refund if fully dissatisfied.
  • The cancellation time of any order is until the allocation of writer. Once a writer is allocated the order cannot cancelled.
  • Problems related to refunds and cancellations are dealt by a Quality assurance department.

Under the following circumstances a refund will not be considered valid.

  • 1. In case you did not pay right at the time of your order placement. If you order on the 1st of January and set a date of delivery of 10 days that happens to be on the 10th of January but fail to pay the due amount on the 1st of January and pay it later on, the day you pay for your order will be considered the first day out of 10 days. In case the deadline you set up is missed because you paid with a delay we shall not process any refund.
  • 2. Dissembled order instructions or vague and conflicting or confusing order instructions will also lead to a delay in the delivery of your work. If you ask for a refund because your work was delayed for this reason or a relevant reason the claim or demand of a refund will not be considered valid.

It is our quality assurance department that works independently and neither the staff or the customer can influence their decisions.