Refund Policy

Transparent Refund Policy.

We make sure that the highest level of quality is delivered as promised on our website and with our professional writers we have been keeping our promise for almost over a decade now but 1 out of 10 times if a writer due to work load or other reasons fail to deliver the promised quality of the paper and a customer even after several attempts of revision doesn’t get what he wants we offer a fiscal compensation and a customer can get a full refund but under the following conditions you will get the refund:

  • 1. On missing a deadline without prior notice and there is no possible chance of an extension.
  • 2.In case you get an F as a fail for your submitted work written by our writer we shall enquire the case.
  • 3.The writer doesn’t serve you as promised.
  • 4.After so many revisions you don’t get the high level quality work.

The quality assurance department will consider your claim of the refund as valid and will investigate further to issue a refund if the request is made based on the following grounds as explained above. The QAD will be the last authority to consider in such matters.

You will get a refund equivalent to 90% of your total paid money.