Privacy Policy


Data security is our first priority and your personal information is to be kept confidential at all conditions. A dedicated team of expert online security professionals manage a department that makes sure that everything is secure.

Personal Information:

Unlike others we never collect, save and transfer or sale your personal information i.e your contact or other details for any marketing or upselling objectives.The writer never gets to know your name, phone number or email address and thus your personal information remains confidential at all levels. The writer coordinates with you via our online portal system that gives you a unique order ID and the writer identifies you with that only. If he has to send you a message he will select the order ID and send you messages. The customer support specialize who is dedicated to serve you can access your phone number and emails address only and that is temporarily.

We never bound you to use your real name on the order from neither do we require you to submit any government issues ID or something. Since you are not supposed to use your original information on the order form you can use any name or email ID to stay safe.


Google analytics analyzes your presence on any website that you surf online and thus is not uncommon with us. You should know that this data of visitors or traffic on a website is used by the marketing experts to analyze the traffic on the website and enhance or improve their strategies to boost the traffic. The tool doesn’t collect any of your personal information and has nothing to do with the online forms that you fill out on internet.

PCI compliance.

We are a payment card industry certified body that abides by all the norms and regulations of the institution. Federal trade officers are always monitoring our online transactions to ensure that no fraudulent or related actions are being taken. You can use Paypal as a payment method and that ensures highest level of trust and security.


Whenever you visit a website most of them ask you to keep your cookies turned on so that you can have a better user experience and the website may be more friendly and compatible for your use. If you turn off the cookies some features on the website may not work properly.