This is hereby declared that we fully condemn all types of cheating, fraudulent and shady businesses over internet. We are bound to follow and abide by all the international ethical educational policies. Our services should not be confused and mixed up with cheating or unethical online websites as we are a pure educationalist body in theory and an online tutoring service.


This company offers educational assistance to students by preparing work similar to their needs so that students may get directions and guidance to make their work on their own.No student using our services is allowed to use our work as his own completed work and submit it in the college or university. Our written papers guide students in a way of reference and provides them ease to prepare their work. This is simply paid educational consultancy to complete academic assignments if a student is found submitting our written papers to the relevant college or university legal actions can be taken accordingly. Highly qualified and professional writers craft the work of students as per their needs and specifications. We receive all the instructions, insight knowledge, references, methods and research guidelines by the student himself and thus this cannot be considered as cheating in the first place. We make sure that only custom, original and free of plagiarism reference work is provided to students so that they can kick start their work by following the theme provided to them.

Different students from different parts of the world use our services with confidence and the reason or all of them is different. At times there are students who know every bit of their research but they simply hire us because they do not have the time to systematically analyze and evaluate the results of the research. Students often use us for specific sections of their research so that they can save some time.Students going through unusual circumstances also use us to avoid any failure in the academic progress and tenure. Most of the students using our online assistance are ESLs and cannot read, understand and specially write English in an appropriate way and these are the types of students who desperately need a helping hand.These helpless students are provided optimum level assistance.

With the motive of enabling students to write their academic papers we are struggling every day to provide academic writing solutions to the needy ones. The expert professional writer always stays in contact with the customer to ensure high level of satisfaction. Since our writers are always in contact with the customer they learn from the writers and attain techniques and tricks to conduct extensive research as well. This is how we help students in a true way and this proves that the services are fully legit and ethical.


When any student comes to us with his problems and academic stress we get to our jobs of assisting him. The representatives on live chat or the phone listens to his specific problems and help a custom place an order to get the best help. The order form is filled out with all the details and specifications so that the writer knows what is to be done. With the instructions that are self-explanatory we are able to assign and allocate the best writer to the customer who suits the best to the customer’s needs.Once the payment is cleared we start off the writing process and the writer establishes a contact with the customer.

Professional writers have helped students from our platform and that has made us famous amongst the students. The network of writers is managed as per their specific area of research or subject. A writer with degree in business sciences is placed in the relevant department and orders related to business sciences are allocated to one of the writers of the same department only. Just like that we have several other departments for different areas of research. For nursing and social sciences we have dedicated writers holding PhD’s level degrees and they have served thousands of students over the period of a complete decade.


The process involves 4 easy steps

  • 1. We thoroughly review the order details and forward them to the relevant department.
  • 2. Relevant and qualified writers review the order details and some of them apply for it.
  • 3. A writer who suits the best to work on the subject is allocated.
  • 4. The writer stays in contact with the customer throughout the writing process.
  • 5. Partial progress of work is shown.
  • 6. In case any further assistance is required we provide free unlimited revisions.

How to take a start?

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